Artist Statement

    I find beauty in the accessibility, timelessness, and universality of all ceramic art. Ceramic art has been recording human activities throughout the time universally. By touching and observing, the viewer of the clay objects can get a sense of human nature so profoundly. With such perspective, I create to define my idea of beauty, emphasizing the expressiveness of ceramic materials.  I sculpt with intuitiveness and critical observation, exploring what it means to exist in a contemporary world.

    Today, popular culture is the major influence on people’s life styles in my home countries, The United States and Japan.  Consumerism is becoming accepted moral or family values in our communities. I feel as if I exist in a world that seems to be in a constant state of flux.  I perceive my surroundings as if it is a part of an ever-morphing entity, which is full of blinking visual “pow!”, drips of fantastic plastic colors, and glossy gobs of melting patterns and symbols. Such visual “blings” are all advocating for temporary, disposable, and instant gratifications.
    I also see the unstoppable force of consumerism mercilessly creeps into our natural environment, changing the landscape of our planet in a global scale.  Indulging in a temporary sense of forever and facing the reality of environmental desolation, I am often left with a feeling of void and isolation, so brutal that nothing feels endearing and everlasting. 

    I am compelled to express my experience of living in such contemporary world by creating ceramic sculptures of my imaginations. Clay is a material so malleable and recyclable, yet when fired, becomes ceramics that is solid, permanent, and fragile. I like working with the concept of contradicting yet coexisting natures of the material. Combining shapes and contrasting colors inspired from visual images of popular and consumerist cultures, my artwork have became fantastical body-scapes of my imaginary creatures. They are often innocently precarious, irrational in nature, and grossly jaded. It mirrors my metaphysical reactions to the predicament of today’s self and earth-destructive mass-consumerism.